Artist, Motorcycle Addict, Video Game Streamer.

I’m a jack of all swiss army knife hobby addict. Professionally, I’m a Sr. Marketing Expert of over 10 years, but we’re here to talk about my hobbies.

As a Gamer, I’ve been playing my whole life, and Streaming since 2016. I’m a Casual Enthusiast who likes to trophy hunt and find all the loot. Most often you’ll find me in Destiny 2, or Open world RPGs.

As a Biker, I’ve been riding for nearly 15 years. I started on a scooter in 08, and after 3 years and 20k miles i upgraded to a Suzuki VX800 to learn clutch on. in 2012 i bought my Triumph 675 new and 10 years later she’s got 71k+ miles and is so custom she’s barely a street triple at all. I also have a Rocket 3 project bike that i’m looking to modify heavily. Riding wise, you’ll find me zipping out for food or coffee, or loading up to go Moto Camping any chance I get. That or hanging out in the garage doing my own work.

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